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What is the reading of the quran from beginning to end? Can we manage it by reading from latin alphabet, from the part of other languages and their’s renditions or just by listening?


According to the rumour which was learnt from Hz.Muhammed (S.A.V.), the aim of reading the Kuran from beginnig to end; the prayer which is praied with Ism-i Azam, is certainly accepted by Allah (c.c.). It is hidden in Kuran.Reading the Kuran from beginnig to end is the same reading Ism-i Azam..

With this aim, it is a general habit between Muslims to reading the Kuran from beginnig to end.Blind people can make this by listening. The person who can’t read arabic alphabet fastly, can make it by reading Latin alphabet. While it is mentioning our five sense organs in Kuran, listening is more important by learning Kuran.Also, the verse starts with “ikra”, is a sign of reading. In the part of  don’t we have an understanding “afala yatafakkarun” teaches us understand the Kuran’s speech. Therefore reading the Kuran from beginnig to end by listening,understanding is a good prayer we make for Allah.Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v.) said:
"I read the Kuran from beginnig to end in three ways, the first is reading verse by verse, the second is underastanding verse by verse, and the last one is living the reall things in verses of Kuran.." That is to say, there can be different ways for reading the Kuran. The main thing is Allah’s approvel.. Hope that, Allah accepts our readings of Kuran according to our intentions. Amin..

Our aim in Hatim-Online Community is following systematically your readings of Kuran from beginning to end by yourself. It is marked in the hatim chart’as being read, every “hibz” you read by yourself. Our intention with this chart, the person who read several "hizbs" in our page and can’t return back, will not miscarry.. It can’be that someone is in charge.. Your "hatims" is in your own hatim list, it is related only you.

The other aim of Hatim-Online Community in this action, we believe that sincere people will agree with us. Because of this you don’t need to be anxious. We hope that Allah will accept this readings of Kuran which are read for dead people or something else.

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