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What is prostrate of Tilavet? And how is done?


Prostrate of Tilavet which artificial becomes Vacib which read or listen. Whichever one possible if that does not the prostrating which on becomes Vacib, müslim becomes sinner. According to Hanefi reading Quran prostrating is Vacib, other three sects is Sunna.

Why prostrate of Tilavet is Vacib ?

Quran:"And when the Qurán is read to them, they fall not prostrate" (İnşikâk,21) The nobody is run down does not the work which becomes Vacib. Dependent becomes Vacib like pray prostrating after the prostrating which is done at the pray becomes this prostrating other side.Resulullah s.a.v: "Somebody who read and listen Quran,prostrating is Vacib."

Prostrate of Tilavet the time becomes Vacib?

Reading prostrate of verse. The prostrating will become necessary even if she does not hear. The prostrating of verse which is read,hear or listen. Hear is undeliberate and listen is deliberate.To submit the imam, the nobody prostrate of Tilavet which the imam read prostrating even if she does not hear. Even if reader don’t hear, reading of it becomes Vacib. Muslim becomes unclean to prostrating and obliged due to read or hear. When he becomes clean, must prostrating of Tilavet. Prostrating the message which she sleeps tells, her prostrating becomes Vacib. Prostrating that listen from the loudspeaker, as  the reader. Listening the prostrating from loudspeaker similar listen the reader. Listening the prostrating from the radio and television similar listen the loudspeaker. Because your audio with wire and audio waves made is not found difference while becoming unwired.

When prostrate of Tilavet not be necessary?

Somebody  listen prostrate of Tilavet from a bird like a parrot or the audio abandons your machine, don’t need  to pray. When prostrate of Tilavet is read by asleep, unconscious or mental patient or not examiner child, pray not be necessary according to the strongest opinion.

Is postpone of prostrating evil?

The prostrating Koran verse which are read outside the pray prostrating can be done lengthwise. But, make disgusting while becoming flawless. The human who dies before not acquittal Vacib, becomes sinful.

How it is done prostrate of Tilavet?

At first, you have to have an ablution, be clean with your dress and cover your private parts of your body. Then you have to turn to your face to the Kaaba with the intention of doing Prostrate of Tilavet. After that you prostrate yourself in worship saying "Allahuekber" without raising your hands. While prostrating in worship, you have to say "Subhane rabbiyel ala" from inside you. Then again you stand up saying "Allahuekber". Just as you are standing up, you have to say "Gufraneke rabbena ve ileykel masir".

Is it necessary to do prostrate of Tilavet for a person who read meaning of the Tilavet verse of the quran?

Yes, a person who read or hear it,has to do Prostrate of Tilavet.

Being repeated the prostrate of Tilavet verse

If the Prostrate of Tilavet verse in the Quran is repeated again and again in a place, doing one Prostrate of Tilavet is enough for people hearing or reading this. Also doing it is good as soon as its reading is finished. Another viewpoint says that postponing it is better. Moreover if a person says again this verse of Prostrate of Tilavet in several places, doing again prostrate is necessity. If there is Prostrate of Tilavet in different verse of the Kur’an, then this person has to do one prostrate of Tilavet for each verse. But if you are outside, your community changes your walking three feet away from them. However if you are inside (for example in a small room) even if you go from side to another side in the room, your place doesnt change. But if a person who read Prostrate of Tilavet verse remains in her/his place, but you are another room or you can hear his/her voice from your place, you have to do Prostrate of Tilavet.

In which situations is the prostrate of Tilavet invalidated?

Everything being invalidated namaz is also invalidated the Prostrate of Tilavet. However in this Prostrate of Tilavet, bursting out laughing isn’t invalidated ablution and being parallel on the position of prostrating for women isn’t also invalidated the Prostrate of Tilavet.

These verses of the Prostrate of Tilavet are totally 14 verse of the Kur’an. These are; A'râf sura 7-206, Ra'd sura 13-15, Nahl sura 16-49, İsrâ sura 17-107, Meryem sura 19-58, Hac sura 22-18, Furkân sura 25-60, Neml sura 27-25, Secde sura 32-15, Sâd sura 38-24, Fussilet sura 41-37, Necm sura 53-62, İnşikâk sura 84-21, Alak sura 96-19

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