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The most rebundant fault!

Our some visitors register to the system using an unavailable e-mail address and after a while using contact form they ask why they cannot register again giving their unavailable e-mail address.

Answer: We would like to answer these messages but reply to whom and which e-mail address? :)

When there is an unavailable e-mail address, the confirmation mail sent by system returns us with a message: 'Not delivered to recepient!' and after 3 days it will be deleted from the system.

You maybe used an unavailable e-mail address during registration! Therefore, we request you to check whether that e-mail address is available or not. Otherwise, it is impossible to answer your questions.
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Our goal is to enable all muslims arround the world to participate at "good deed" (Sevab/Hassanat) as defined by Islam. With our project we allow people around the world to participate audiovisualy to build a community for reaching the Sevab/Hassanat of fullfilling the reading of the Holy Quran. You can help us!
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