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Development/Planning/Update - on Hatim-Online Community
 02.12.2007 - Now your personal hatim wishlist marks hatims still have startet.
28.11.2007 - For a better usability we worked on design and colors.
24.09.2007 - A mouseover-effect was added to the hizbselection. This displays to which juz the hovered hizb belongs to. Example: 60. Hizb = (Juz: 15 Hizb 4/4)
03.09.2007 - The arabic font shown at the Quran-recitation is switched to a more readable font. Further some bugs in characters are resolved.
02.09.2007 - Beneth turkish-, german- and english-translations of The Holy Quran now a french-translation is available.
22.08.2007 - The selected translation can now be saved at "My Account".
21.08.2007 - Bugfix: the counter Hatims Joined has also counted the hatim-pray. We fixed it!
17.07.2007 - Password change - registered members can change their passwords now.
14.07.2007 - Beneth arabic-, turkish-translation and transliteration at the recitation now german and english translations were available.
05.07.2007 - (Pause/Play) Button bugfixed. If pause is pressed for more then 10 minutes the hizb is recognized as aborded.
01.07.2007 - The longest ayat Mudayene-Ayat(282) in Bakara-Sura (Hizb 10) is now shown completly.
We thank to all members who gave us the hint to this bug.
Arabic and latin fonts at recitation are redisigned to be more readable.
Further sura-names in arabic and their translations are shown now.

28.06.2007 - Secde ayats and ayat-numbers are bugfixed. Pause/Play Button is attached.
21.06.2007 - Hatim-Wishlist links to the hizb-selection of the wish-related hatim.
08.06.2007 - Hatim Wishform works!
03.06.2007 - My Account was redesigned.
01.06.2007 - registry was renewed.
27.05.2007 - Before starting to recitate a hizb, information about this hizb are shown.
03.05.2007 - Contact Form is build.
Your hints to our portal will help us to tune up the informations und services. Please write us by contact form.

01.05.2007 - Hatim Pray works.
01.05.2007 - Hatim Wishlist is shown.
Sure Namen werden angepasst/angezeigt.
Hizb Infos während ein Hizb gelesen wird.
Nachdem ein Hizb gelesen wurde, werden erneut die Hizb Infos sowie Secde Ayets angezeigt.
Zeitanzeiger für den laufenden Hizb wird eingebaut.
Die während der Rezitation dargestellte arabische Schrift wird durch eine leichter lesbare arabische Schrift ersetzt werden.
Es werden verschiedene Rezitatoren zur Auswahl stehen, die in unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten vortragen.
Ihre Anregungen zu unserem Internetportal helfen uns, die Informationen und den Service für Sie zu verbessern. Schreiben Sie uns Ihre Nachricht mittels unseres Kontaktformulars.

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Our goal is to enable all muslims arround the world to participate at "good deed" (Sevab/Hassanat) as defined by Islam. With our project we allow people around the world to participate audiovisualy to build a community for reaching the Sevab/Hassanat of fullfilling the reading of the Holy Quran. You can help us!
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